Allah created universe of which the Earth is one of the billions of planets. Allah Almighty created the body of Adam from the soil, blessed with brain. This was endowed with a soul- the Noor from the heavens. Then Allah Almighty sent Adam , the Human being on the Earth as His “khaleefa” and said in Quraan “we have certainly created man in the best of stature” (Tln, 30:4). Therefore, Adam consists of a body and a soul. The human body is endowed with basic and necessary structures which function in the presence of soul. Therefore, whatsoever the best human uses to improve and maintain health of his body, comes from the soil. And whatsoever the best human uses to improve or maintain health of his soul, comes from the Heavens.

What is life“, “What is the aim of this life“, and “How to achieve this aim” are the fundamental questions for human mind to think and understand. Life is the span between birth and death. This is because a man has to live and die in this world. During this period he has to perform in order to get basic needs of life. The only aim of life is to “Bow before Allah: Obey Allah and serve his creatures in this world. To achieve the aim of life he must follow Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

In order to do all this he has to make use of the things available as well as to deal with his fellow beings. For this purpose he has been endowed with so many mechanisms, inside as well as outside his body, and also an instinctive urge to make use of these mechanisms. But to put these mechanisms to their proper use knowledge is required. The knowledge can be acquired only if guidance is available, which in fact starts from the very birth. It is really the mother who is the first guide.

However, with the advancement of age and development of the capabilities the requirements and sources of guidance also change to identify the ultimate reality of life. Here comes the need for transcendental guidance which is totally outside the limits of the physical world. Knowledge of ultimate reality is necessary to understand nature of the things available to him for his use.
Guidance is always from a “Being” higher and superior in knowledge, and to be more correct from the Creator Himself. The Creator has overall and exact knowledge of his creation. Allah Almighty has provided the source of transcendental knowledge from the very beginning through His prophets.

From the historical facts we come to know that Adam and his four generations maintained the Law of God. In about 4,000 B.C. , however, the people violated the Command of God and started idol worship. Prophet Idris showed the “Right Path” but people missed it after him. Prophet Noah (3800-2850 B.C.) then declared ” I have come to you with a clear warning that you serve none but Allah(Hood, 11:25-26). But the people rejected his message and swept away by a huge flood ( Hood, 11:39-47). Prophet Noah and those few persons who had accepted the faith in him were, however, saved and their generations again inhabited the Earth (Hood, 11 : 48). Similarly, a large scale destruction of human being had occurred a number of time because the human rejected the Command of God. This was a terrible wind (Ahqaf, 46 : 24-25), an earthquake (Aaraf, 7: 78) a severe earthquake (Ankabut, 29 : 37), Drowning in a river (Sho’ara, 26:52 66).

Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) being the last prophet of Allah was given Quraan as the source of Knowledge as all the previous prophet’s. Allah had warned that no prophet will come. Therefore, Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) had demonstrated each and every aspect of life in the light of Quraan ( the best possible way) so that human should act alike and get exemption and reward for his deeds.

In the absence of a prophet human being has to continue the process of life by himself. He has been given Quraan the treasure of knowledge , the Code of Human Life and demonstration of complete life by the last prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.). Those who work hard to DE-code get this knowledge and act accordingly will be blessed, while who perform otherwise will be punished in the life hereafter. Now man has to follow his fellows for guidance.

Soofi Khadim Hussain Sahib has compiled a number of books on Islamic Teachings for the guidance of Human Being of the time. This knowledge base is put forth on this Website and will be updated in the times to come.