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Introduction of Imam-e-Shariah, Complete Wali, guide for Mushaikh, Writer and author

Sufi Khadim Hussain Chishti Sabri (May Allah be pleased with him)

Sincere, honest is Khadim Hussain Chishti

A man of qualities is Khadim Hussain Chishti

Entire world get guidance from him

A man of generosity is Khadim Hussain Chishti

Once a follower of Baba Farid (May Allah be pleased with him) came to him, he used to be a ironsmith, he presented a special scissor to him, He said that he had brought a gift for Baba Gee from his earnest money. Baba Gee smiled and said, my son! Saint don't reject gift, however, please bring a needle whenever you come again. The follower brought a needle to Baba Gee on next turn. Baba Gee accepted happily and liked his gift due to the reason that scissor was used to cut but needle joined things. And saints don't cut but join people to Allah Almighty. Job of saints is to lay foundation of relations of love and regard. Therefore, Mysticism is the name of every relation based on love, affection and truth, which may grant human closeness of the merciful Allah. If we may say that Mysticism is the name of selfless friendship and love to Allah Almighty, we may well understand from this answer of Hazrat Imam Ghazali to a question.

Once someone questioned about the difference between a Muslim and Momen? He said, Muslim is who believes in one Allah while Momen believes in on Allah as well as he obeys his orders. Certainly who obeys Allah's orders, Allah will not strand him and will bless him and he will become personification of fearlessness. Then the closeness of Allah Almighty will not let him become ignorant in the detractions of this world. Then knowledge of conscience will be at his hand and service to mankind will be his only aim. Happiness of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) will become his strong desire. Happiness of Allah Almighty will also be his prime objective. Then he will be in search of isolation and he will seek such a place with none else except him and his Allah. Prayers and feasts will be his habit and happiness of Allah through different ways will be his mission. His service will be Rakoh and Sajood to seek closeness of Allah every time. But he does not have any desire for worldly things. He neither desires to be the blessed nor is afraid of being thrown in the depths of hell. His peak mission is pleasure of Allah Almighty. 

Once Rabia Basri was running with fire and water in hands. Hazrat Sufiyan (May Allah be pleased with him) asked, O Rabia! Where are you rushing? Taking fire and water in hands together is a matter of beyond my understanding? Then Rabia Basri said, she held fire in hand to set the heaven at ablaze because people pray in the lust of heaven and she kept water to extinguish hell because people worship due to fear of hell.

But reason of worship of these people is to get pleasure of creator of mankind and to thank for grant of status of subject to Allah Almighty. Gain of blessings is neither a desire nor objective of these people. Then Rabia Basri fell in Sajda, but call for Morning Prayer is called, then she delved in the love of her creator to the extent, complaints with the Allah Almighty for making night too short to complete one Sajda of Rabia. On the other hand Hazrat Awais Qarni (May Allah be pleased with him) is ready to sacrifice his life on the Holy Prophet. When he appears in the court of Allah Almighty, he well says that tonight is for Rakooh and tonight is for prayer, he prays till dawn.

However, it is the highest place in the world of prayers. On the other hand good moral was also habit of those people. When children pelt stones on Hazrat Awais Qarni (May Allah be pleased with him), and he slowly says, O kids ! Throw stones on me slowly because how will I convince my Allah Almighty to forgive you if I bleed. These people have high morality of facing trials and difficulties and make patience victorious in the war of patience.

Such souls are personification of completion of ethics because examples of putting self in pain were set on their patience. Cleanliness of thought and construction of obvious and inner self is their main objective. Goal of their eternal life is to cleanliness of hearts and then make them house of Rehman, Allah Almighty. Actual reach to Allah Almighty is their goal of life in appearance and covering. Love and service to mankind is their spiritual lesson. Behold! These people are genuine mystics (Sufi). The writer is going to write biography of a saint who is keen researcher of the current era, explainer of the Holy Quran, Qalander of eras, Successor of Mian Mahi Shah (May Allah be pleased with him) and is one inhabitant of tribe of saints. Allama Muhammad Iqbal relates about him.

Don't question about approach of these people in rages

Have a look on them only if you have respect for them

Their strength of conscience can burn a dead candle

O Allah! What is hidden in chests of people with hearts

Serve the saints if you have desire for heart pain

Because such pearls are not present in riches of kings

My leader Sufi Khadim Hussain has born in a well off Jutt family at village Diyal Gargh Sharif, tehsil Batala, district Gurdaspur, East Punjab, before division of the subcontinent in February 1935. His father's name is Muhammad Sharif who possessed a sophisticated nature and it was due to training of his grandfather, Hazrat Mian Mahi Shah (May Allah be pleased with him). Hazrat Mian Mahi Shah was complete Wali and silent man of qualities.

I saw such effectiveness in the sight of Walis

I saw changing of fates of thousands of people

World history describes that Allah Almighty sent pious people for the guidance of fellow human in every epoch. Walis were appointed for the same job after Prophets and majority of us are blessed with Islam just because of them.

Sufi Khadim Hussain Chishti Sabri got his early education from primary school of his village Diyal Garh Sharif. Later he got admission in class 6th at Batala Sharif High School. He was in class 8th when Islamic State, Pakistan came into being for which Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and other ancestors worked day and night. This country was result of enormous sacrifices because people not only rendered sacrifices of goods but very dear relatives also. There was one of convoy of Mian Mahi Shah among the convoys of these people of live hearts. A class eight child was also in this convoy whose name is taken with regard today. Today thousands are being blessed with knowledge by him.

His family reached Lyallpur and resided in a village Wada Waheela Sharif. Wada Waheela Sharif was an unknown village before his arrival. It is said that people close to Allah Almighty turn the barren areas into cities wherever they resides and it is not confined to the world but to the hearts too. Hearts having love for Walis, they never get disappointed.

Your association has improved my way of life

I may be a dog if was not yours

Today Wada Waheela Sharif is known to every corner of the world because fountain of knowledge and information has irrigated the soul of every lover of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). This process is continuing and will continue till doomsday inshaa Allah.

His love of education did not spare him even after migration, therefore he got admission to Middle School Chak 84 GB and passed his examination of middle with good marks. Then he got admission in Zameendara High School Chak 242 and in 1950 passed matriculation. After that he got admission in first year at Government College Faisalabad, now GCU Faisalabad, and remained there for four years. He passed his B.A examination in 1954. It was time when there was scarcity of literate people; however, the eyes, deen and world of this friend of Allah were bright. It is also a deed of kindness of Allah Almighty that he granted us such a leader and guide.

His grandfather played major role in his bringing up as he was very dear to his grandfather. Besides education, the process of training also continued side by side. When was in Intermediate, he far sighted grandfather assessed the God gifted qualities and appointed him as his successor and started imparting him stages of mysticism. Besides formal education, he also started education of mysticism and thus process of spiritual education also formaly began. In the meantime, Hazrat Mian Mahi Shah (May Allah be pleased with him) passed away on February 1954.

It is said that being and not being of people close to Allah in this world is better for creation, but these secrets are not tangible for everyone. Apparently leader of Sufi Khadim Hussain Chishti Sabri hid from this world but he continued process of education of his special follower. He started his job as UDC at Director Audit and Accounts Lahore after passing BA examination. However, due to light endowed by his grandfather his nature did not pay heed towards the job. It may be said that Allah loving people don't come under any job as they are in service of someone else and their job is to bring masses closer to Allah Almighty. They are reconciling between the creator and creature and this is why he continued process of thinking and praying during his job and after short time he resigned from this job. Saying good-bye to office he left for closeness to Allah. It means that right time for which his leader had prepared him had arrived and pearl had adjusted to the right place. He dedicated him for prayers; therefore he remained in isolation and used to spend time at his compound and graveyard. Thus he continued his spiritual journey for at least 12 years and after 12 years' untiring efforts Allah granted him knowledge of Ladunni.

He is a man of miracles and his biggest miracle in this era is that he is also a man of Shariah. His love for Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) that his Shariah must be acted upon. This is why he instructed his followers to strictly act upon the Shariah. In this regard, he not only issued verbal instructions but wrote a number of books too for the guidance of his followers. It is a sufficient miracle that his followers get books written by him. A true follower obeys his leader and this is why he wrote these books which are also available on website.

He has exemplary love for Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and I may mention for information of people that he wrote a book of Darood, it is not a job of everyone because it has been done after approval from the Prophet (Peace be upon him). This book is distributed free of cost and over 50, 000 books have been distributed among people so far. Publication of 1100 book a month continues and if you want to get this book, you can contact our web members. Certainly, this process will continue till end of the times. Specialty of his books is that nothing has been written without references and concrete references have been given in every book.

His masterpiece on life of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is Anees ul Mushtaqeen. Then there is a book on the explanation of the Holy Quran in easy language. I have advised my students to study Tafseer-e-Mahi if they want to understand the Holy Quran easily. He titled his Tafseer in the name of his religious leader. It is a fact that Tafaseer had been written in every era, but this Tafseer has specialty that it ignites love for learning and understanding the Holy Quran as well as fondness of closeness to Allah Almighty. This Tafseer is the last one of his books. Very less people got such unmatchable leaders who not only issue directions to their followers not verbally but in black and white also.

In recognition of his services, the government has not only approved his books for school and college libraries, but now his books are being translated in other languages too. Rays of his blessing will spread all over the world and thousands of people get guidance from it.

Besides process of writing, he established an Educational Institute named as Jamia Madina in his village Chak 260 GB, Wada Waheela Sharif, its building was constructed on H shaped and was very popular. Children were imparted the Holy Quran in this Jamia along with boarding facilities for abroad students. However, this process was stopped due to destruction of building of the Jamia. This is why only day-scholars are studying at present and Jamia has been dedicated for female students only. Seven female children learn the Holy Quran by heart every year while a large number of others learn Nazira Quran too. Literate female teachers have been appointed for this job. An Umra ticket is awarded on the eve of Rabi ul Awal at this Jamia every year.

Friends of Allah have been of the practice to create easiness for the creatures of Allah anyway. He also has this quality to a large extent. He also continued public welfare activities in the village like construction of rooms in the school and pond. He fulfilled the need of anyone who came to him. In a bid to promote the process of guidance and meditation he permanently resided at his compound far from the village in his fields and named him Dera Sufian. It carries rooms, washrooms, Mosque, and Mehfil-e-Samaa hall for visitors. It is a center for every one and people continue to visit this place to quench their thirst for guidance. Actually it is salient feature of god loving people that they spend most of their time in isolation with Allah so that none may interferer in their meditation.

Their compounds are significant for people for prayer and medicine as their obvious and hidden meals continue every time. However, it is up to some one who comes and goes with such a gifts. He has routine that if someone talks about religion he becomes happy and presents books to him on his departure. I have never returned empty handed whenever I visit his compound. He has arranged different programs for the training of followers as under. It is invitation to you also to come and get obvious and hidden meals.

You can't get Allah by cramming Allah Allah

but closers to Allah may tie you with Allah

1: Nau Chandi Mehfil is organized at shrine of Hazrat Mian Mahi Shah (May Allah be pleased with him) on every first Thursday of lunar month. In this gathering women held in the morning while men's gathering continue from Asar to evening; in which recitation of the Holly Quran, Naat Khawani, meditation, and sermons are given along with meals.

2: Khatam of Gyarhween Sharif is organized on every second Friday of lunar month along with distribution of free meals.

3: Urs Sharif of Hazrat Mian Mahi Shah is celebrated on February 13-14 and Sufi Talib Hussain Chishti Sabri on November 8-9 every year as per program given below;

Day first:         Distribution of meal after evening prayer and Mehfil-e-Samaa after Isha prayer

Day second:    Breakfast for Fajar prayer, Mehfil-e-Milad at 9:00 am and collective prayer at 12:00 pm, distribution of meal at 1:00 pm and return of visitors start.

Suif Khadim Hussain Chishti Sabri has not children because he did not marry, therefore he has appointed Sahibzada Noor ul Haq Ahmad Saeed, son of his bother Sufi Talib Hussain Chishti Sabri as his successor. Noor ul Haq Ahmad has done MBA from University of Agriculture Faisalabad and is covering stages of mysticism now a days.

A full moon remained bright in my eyes

your mention remained in my sayings every moment

I may see Rasool Allah (Peace be upon him)

if blessing of my Sufi will remain on me

Tabbassam, life spent futile

But time spent in meeting with him remained asset

List of all books is as under
1 Tafseer-e-Quran---Tafseer-e-Mahi 2 Seerat ul Nabi------Anees ul Mushtaqeen
3 Fazail-e-Darood Sharif. 4 Fazail-e-Zikar.
5 Fazail-e-Quran Majeed. 6 Fazail-o- Masail-e-Namaz.
7 Fazail-e-Ramdan. 8 Hudalil Muttaqeen.
9 Hakayat-e-Saleheen. 10 Hadayat-e-Salikeen.
11 Hadayat-ul-Mureedain. 12 Haqeeqat-e-Dunya.
13 Afzal Umat---Fazeelat-e-Khulfa-e-Arba. 14 Anhar-ul-Asrar.
15 Shan-e-Sahaba R.A. 16 Maraqba-e-Mout.
17 Aloom ul Arfan. 18 Shahadat-e-Imam Hussain R.A.
19 Murshad-e-Kamil. 20 Ayina-e-Mohabbat.
21 Ahwal-e-Barzakh. 22 Haqeeqat-e-Ilam.
23 Manaqab-e-Hassnain Karemeen R.A.